App Downloads and Usage Analytics

Monitor your active users and downloads by country to determine your localization strategy and grow your user base.

App downloads reports help to drive ROI over every aspect of performance.

Usage reports provide accurate data so you can serve your customers better.

Analytics help you drive personalized, customer-focused marketing.

User Analytics

Login tracker allows you to keep track of daily users.

Understand how your users handle your application: what pages they visit, how much data they use, what difficulties they face.

Learn from the numbers

App marketing is a powerful way to immediately impact your revenue.

Tracking the right metrics and events within your app can reveal ways to improve visitor experience, increase engagement, and spend money wisely on app marketing efforts.

Visitor Feedback

Gather feedback on your app and rental devices. Negative feedback can be promptly identified and addressed.

Visualize customer feedback at any time.

The real challenge is not in capturing feedback, but in making sense of the data.

Registration screen on app launch

Ask your visitors for their profile (age, zip code, gender), or keep it simple with just a name and email.

Connect with your visitors on their desired social media platforms.

Use the volunteered information for marketing promotions, offers, newsletters, or more.


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