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Mobile Tour Guide App for Bus Tours, Hop On/Hop Off, Boat/River Tours, and Cruises

Passengers download the app on their own phones and use it during the ride as a tour guide with foreign language selection, additional stories, historical images, and navigation help.

Actionshow App - Chicago Trolley

Beautiful Multimedia Tour Guides

A City tour is a tour of a cultural or historical site undertaken by bus/Trolley, longer tour can take in multiple sites and last a full day or more. Multimedia Audio tour where pre-recorded or stream audio interpretation for a heritage site or a cultural exhibit is provided via a Multimedia tour guide app.

Multimedia tour guide Share unlimited content of all stops, it Support for all languages.

Actionshow App - Chicago Trolley

Multipoint Interactive Live Map

With a “live” map visitors experience the GPS-based tour. Own location is a moving blue dot on the map, same as like in Google Maps and has “pins” which identify tour stops.

Actionshow App - Chicago Trolley

In-App Donations and Sponsors

On-site Visitors may not donate because - they don't have cash, the donation box was in a different location, they didn't know there was a place to donate etc. To solve this problem simply click on "donate" button by installing mobile tour app.

Using sponsors within the app can strengthen your current relationships and grow the local economy by allowing local merchants to attract your visitors to their business. <\p>

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