Actionshow App - Tour Guide Audio Player Replacement Program

Tour Guide Audio Player Replacement Program Press Release

Program to take care of your old & obsolete audio tour guide players with new tablets & ​​mobile apps ​on the app stores.
Many museums own audio tour guide players to allow visitors to take self guided tours.
These players are expensive, difficult to repair and maintain.
Our technology has proven beyond doubt that these players are now obsolete.
The new trend is to use tablets and allow visitors to download the apps on their own devices.
So replace your obsolete and clunky audio players today, with modern, fully-warranted tablets and your own mobile apps on the app stores in just a few weeks. Our biggest success is with Newport Mansions in Rhode Island - New England's third largest attraction.

Actionshow App - Audio Player Replacement Program

Here's how the upgrade works:

      ✔   We port your existing audio tour content to Apple & Android apps that we create for you.
      ✔   We release the apps to App Stores for visitors to download on their own mobiles.
      ✔   We load the apps on 7" tablets with protective cases, lanyards and parental locks.
      ✔   You offer the apps & tablets to visitors in lieu of audio-players.
      ✔   We take full responsibility to manage fleet- upgrade, update, damage, replace.

Tablets and apps are superior replacements because they offer:

      ✔   Multimedia - photos, audio, videos, maps & text
      ✔   Multiple levels of content - "drill down" to learn more
      ✔   Flexibility in tour - visitors follow a path or jump to specific area
      ✔   Multiple languages, usage stats & other features to attract wider audience
      ✔   Generate new revenue - mobile ticketing, gift store, donations & sponsors


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