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Our Story

My Dad and I stood on top of a hill overlooking Machu Picchu, one of the most impressive views in the world… and shared a look of frustration. Why? Well our “five star” guide was reciting robotically from a barebones script. His monotone monologue robbed this ancient wonder of all of its magic! That’s just not what we had imagined when we planned a once-in-a-lifetime (and expensive!) visit to far-away Peru from our living room couch in Barrington, Rhode Island.

Right then and there, we decided that no one else should face that kind of frustration. This world is full of interesting stories, from the heroic tale of Sallie the Pitbull who protected her Civil War regiment in battle to the fishermen who insta-fried their catch in Yellowstone’s hot springs. My Dad and I are on a journey to discover all the stories our planet has to offer. Let’s explore together!

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Our Mission

These are the adventures of a dad-daughter team…
Our continuing mission to explore the people, places, and things of our world. To seek out memorable stories and interesting tales. To share all that we discover.

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Where are we now?

The day I saw a complete stranger listening to one of my tours, I felt a mix of pride and panic. Seeing my creation out in the world was thrilling… but would they like what I’d made?

The answer wasn’t always “yes”. Sometimes the tour wouldn’t work offline like it was supposed to. Or there wasn’t enough detail in a story. Or there was too much detail and it was boring!

But we persisted. With a lot of failed experiments, repeated testing, and hard work, our stories now average 4.73 / 5 stars. Over a million people have explored the world with us. And we still begin each morning by discussing every single review from the previous day, identifying what’s working and what isn’t.

Bit by bit, edit by edit, we get better and better. 

Newport - The Breakers

How did we get here?

Since we’re in Rhode Island, we didn’t have to look far for an interesting story — there was one practically in our backyard! The Newport Mansions were our first partners and we helped to tell their stories of the Gilded Age to over a million visitors per year.

From there, we kept searching for more stories — from the revolutionary tales along Boston’s Freedom Trail to the alien landscapes of Utah’s national parks.

We’ve explored 100 places since then, and our journey is just beginning.

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